Boston Executive Car Service in the Middle of Coronavirus Outbreak: Get 10% Off for First-Time Customers with Promo Code SAVE10

Do you hear all this news about coronavirus? Are you afraid to travel because you might get infected? Aren’t you confident about the transportation services from the fact that you have no idea how they keep their vehicles clean, including themselves? We at Master Livery don’t want to stop you from doing what you love. Boston executive car service with Master Livery makes sure that we observe hygiene double, especially now with COVID19 around. We do a lot of airport transfer, and we want to make sure you are safe with us. As the best Boston chauffeur service, we need to prove that it is indeed safe to travel with us. We provide corporate car service to every person who needs it, and we don’t want to compromise anybody’s safety. Especially during the nearing summer season, Cape Cod limo and car service have to be something that, without a doubt, you would be trusting. Read through this and you will know precisely how we keep our car and our chauffeur free from COVID19:

Master Livery’s extensive hygiene to avoid COVID19

We at Master Livery are as worried as you about the current epidemic. We keep everybody updated, and we make sure we follow suggested hygiene in and out of our homes as well as our second home, the vehicles that we have. Boston executive car service should be the safest way to travel with our current health situation. With a lot of people going in and out of the country from wherever they may be, we can not say for sure how safe or how exposed we are every day. Master Livery offers the most reliable and cleanest airport transfer for you.

Being the best Boston chauffeur service, we have to prove to our passengers that we can live up to the title. One of the pieces of advice that the World Health Organization has provided is that each one of us should keep ourselves and our surroundings clean. It is exactly what we do. We always advise our chauffeurs to maintain cleanliness since they go home to their families every day. Of course, we see every passenger as our family, that is why we protect you as much as we can. Our Boston executive car service chauffeurs use the best cleaning products. We wipe the inside of the car with disinfectant spray before and after each trip. And, this doesn’t only mean simple wiping but extensive and repetitive wiping, making sure not an inch is missed.

We use a disinfectant spray on every part of the car’s interior. We always make sure that our corporate car service does not only look clean but also smells and feel fresh. As for the exterior, we do not just rely on the regular car wash service we get. Our chauffeurs do second cleaning themselves. Aside from vehicle hygiene, we also make sure that each of our chauffeurs is being checked before they are assigned to the trips. We use gloves in opening doors and handling everything. Not only that, but we also check our chauffeur’s temperature and health status. We better be obsessing about making sure everybody’s safe than to turn out to be a company that doesn’t care.

Travel with confidence with Master Livery. An epidemic won’t let you stop traveling or getting to where you should be!