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Ashfield is another town in the state of MA, USA. There were more than 1.700 people living in the town in 2010. However, it should be noted that in 2000, the population was a little more than this, it was 1800. According to the official data, the town’s total are is nearly 40.3 square miles. The first settlers came here in 1743 and the town was officially united in nearly 20 years from that. Huntstown was the original name of this town.

Ashfield is the homeland of many famous people such as Cecil DeMille a famous director, Alvan Clark an astronomer and many others.

Waiting time – $60.00 an hour.

Base rates are exclusive of gratuity (20%), tolls, tunnel ($5.25), airport-charge ($3.25), parking, waiting time, etc.

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