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Ayer is another town in MA, USA. It was first a portion of the town Groton. However, in 1871, the town officially became Ayer. In 2010, nearly 7.400 people were living in the town. The total area of the land is nearly 9.6 square miles. However, regardless of the small land, the town has got many industries. For example, there are plants that belong to Cains, and Pepsi.

The town is governed by town meeting and a board of selectmen consisting of 5 people. Several famous people who have ever lived in the town were Lee Alexander (a bassist), Robert Frazier (a writer), and Mike Gillian (a men’s basketball trainer).

Waiting time – $60.00 an hour.

Base rates are exclusive of gratuity (20%), tolls, tunnel ($5.25), airport-charge ($3.25), parking, waiting time, etc.

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