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Have you ever visit Amesbury, Massachusetts? A place that was known to its beautiful country road that meets historical landmarks from the industrial age. What do you think is an excellent way going to a private gathering or any corporate gathering to charming and elegant event places?  Amesbury, MA executive car and limo service will provide you the service you needed with Amesbury, MA affordable limo and black car service booking reservation will let you experience the comfortable and luxurious service.


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Amesbury, MA is not just a town within North Shore of Massachusetts; in 1997, Amesbury’s status turned to a City, so from then “Town of Amesbury” is now “City of Amesbury”.  Amesbury, Massachusetts, has an impressive architectural site and even has a historic downtown aura. Amesbury, MA executive car and limo service can take you to the city’s attractions wherein you can enjoy the sceneries of parks, museums, and historic houses. With Amesbury, MA car service to and from Logan Airport, our high-class vehicles, together with our well-mannered chauffeurs, will take you to places you wanted to go with no hassle. It is indeed a transportation service you need when you visit Amesbury.


There places in Amesbury which will give you an interest in visiting.

Alliance Park — as people in town say, it is a place where you can sit, relax and drink coffee while you enjoy the view of the park.

Amesbury Carriage Museum — it was built to promote the mission to champion the historic carriages of Amesbury and to educate people about carriages era.

Amesbury Friend Meeting House — located at west downtown, it is home to one of the leading Quaker congregation of the region.

Amesbury Hat Museum — sampling high fashion ladies’ hats, men’s hats, novelties and memorabilia that was produced by Merrimac Hat Corporation.

Amesbury Public Library — founded in 1856, a library for kids and adults

Bartlett Museum — an Italian style house that features a local history in the carriage industry, old maps, and souvenirs, and a lot of collection of memorabilia from Colonial, Federal and Victorian periods.

Lowell’s Boat Shop — a boat shop that operates since the year 1793, it is a beautiful place for educational exhibits, programs, and events.


With Amesbury, MA executive car and limo service you can visit other places that where not mentioned above since Amesbury has a lot to offer.


For Business and educational tour and travel, all you need is Amesbury, MA coach service where we can provide you a vehicle that accommodates all. Master Livery’s fleet includes mini and major coaches that can cater to up to 55 passengers with amenities you can enjoy. From the luxurious accommodation to the Wi-Fi connection ready for you, of course, you don’t want to miss posting the beautiful places that you can visit Amesbury with Master Livery. Amesbury, MA affordable limo and black car service is the best choice not just for traveling alone but for friends, family, and colleagues.


Master Livery is providing you the excellent service you deserve, giving you the quality you even recommend. Amesbury, MA executive car and limo service always at your service 24/7 with the assistance of our admin support that can answer your queries accurately. As the saying goes, time is gold, so as your safety, which is our number one priority.

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