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Are you planning a road trip? Do you want to go around town and explore places you might not have seen before? Does this idea excite you but also exhaust you at the same time? Do you hate having to drive and getting your car ready for your adventure? Let us take care of you with our Duxbury, MA executive car service. Duxbury, MA affordable limo and black car service have been providing different services for passengers traveling for various reasons. You do not need to worry about making the road trip right after you get off the plane. Duxbury, MA car service to and from Logan Airport will save you from the worries. 

How do we get our fleets ready for any kind of trips we have? 

The preeminent thing we do before we provide our service is to check our cars’ condition. We need to make sure that every vehicle we have is properly checked before and after each trip. We do not just accept reservations and keep our cars working. We make it a point to have an hour of engine safety check before the next trip. Here are other ways that we make sure our cars are ready for every kind of trip day by day. 

We always check every car’s oil. We check if it needs to get changed or if it is suitable for the particular trip we are about to assign it to. 

Car hygiene is another essential thing. It has to smell and look clean inside and out. We need to make sure this is done on every trip, especially because we are taking passengers who are executives, CEOs, or celebrities. We don’t want to be bashed for having a car that stinks or a vehicle that looks very muddy on the outside. Duxbury, MA affordable limo and black car service give you a flat rate price but a very high-class service.

We always have a small garbage container inside the car. It is a way for our passengers to know there is the right place for their trash and not just put it anywhere inside, making it harder for us to clean it. Although we give a flat rate for all of our Duxbury, MA executive car service, we may charge some extra for extensive cleaning. 

We keep extra sets of car belts. It is part of our safety precautions in case the need arises. You will never know what might happen while the passengers are inside. They might be moving too much, snapping the belts. We do not want them taking the whole trip without safety belts; it will never be an option. 

We know it may never happen since we check our cars before each trip, but to be extra sure, we pack a fire extinguisher on each vehicle. We also do have spare tires for rare situations. 

We also have towels inside the car in case of spilling accidents or if our passenger requests for it to wipe whatever surface of the vehicle. We understand some customers are extra hygienic and will only get satisfied if they do the necessary seat cleaning before sitting down. Phone charger ports are available for your usage as well as Wi-Fi connection in case you need to get something done while on the way to your appointment. 

We do not want to bore you with all the things that we do to keep you safe. Duxbury, MA affordable limo and black car service do not miss one single thing to do to keep you safe and satisfied all the time. Duxbury, MA executive car service, will give you an exceptional experience. One you will never find in another company!

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