Cape Cod Limo Service: How to Have a Perfect Cape Cod Escapade

Beach at Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA.

Cape Cod sounds like a fascinating place to be. But with the excitement, comes traffic, expenses, and sunburns. Another problem would be the long drive plus the heavy traffic you’re going to have to get through before getting to this beautiful place. You don’t have to worry so much, though. Cape Cod limo service will rescue you. 

How to Have a Perfect Cape Cod Escape

Get a shellfish license. Note that you can get this at the same place where you get your beach stickers. What this does is that it allows you to open clamming and oystering for two days a week. You do this every Wednesday and Sunday. It will cost you $30 if you are only on Cape Cod for a short period. It is a must-do in Cape Cod. It will complete your stay. 

Cape Cod’s modern architecture is also one of the best scenes in this city. You will see mid-century modern designs, but at the same time, they can also offer you a more profound view through the Cape Cod Modern House Trust. The contemporary architecture was made by architects and designers: Breuer, Saarinen, and Weidlinger. When they first got to Cape Cod, they lived in cottages and eventually collaborated and built their own houses.  

Try going on a different route without minding too much of your map nor your GPS. Explore other places randomly. Through this, you will be able to see less advertised but more beautiful parts of Cape Cod. It will give you the chance to see places; not everybody has been — a significant advantage on your social media clicks.

Cape Cod is a very famous place for its beaches and the different activities you can do aside from enjoying the water. They have a lot of bars around Cape Cod. Enjoy yourself and get into one or two of them. It is also an excellent way to meet new people and maybe even tourists, and you might want to plan the following days’ adventures together. 

Enjoy a good, fancy meal. You don’t want to be on a trip and just choosing what to eat and ended up eating the same meal. Explore good restaurants and different kinds of the meal at least once a day. 

How to go around Cape Cod more easily?

There are a lot of ways to go around Cape Cod. You can go out as a joiner on a group tour. You can also drive yourself and your companions. Both methods can be done, and you will surely enjoy whichever ways you would like. But the best transportation would be the Cape Cod limo service

Cape Cod limo service is a private limo taking you to the best beach destination. With this service, you do not have to deal with noisy strangers or sleeping seatmate. You will be in one limo with your family and friends. You can do everything you want to do. You can have a party along the way, or maybe sit, chill, enjoy the view on the road, and sleep. With the Cape Cod limo service, you can even ask the driver to stop on some opinions that you want to enjoy and take pictures. 

Cape Cod limo service is one of the services that Master Livery provides. They pride themselves on being the best-chauffeured car service provider. They always keep their fleets clean inside and out and make sure you have all you need handy inside the vehicle. 

With Master Livery, your safety will always be their priority. From the time that they pick you up until they drop you off, show a big smile on their faces, letting you know that they enjoy what they do and that they professionalism so much. 

It is effortless to book. You can either do it online or call their customer support hotline. Book now and enjoy your Cape Cod escapade stress-free.