Living in Monclair, Jacksonville, FL, remains relatively clear because of the existence of very few pedestrians. Though there are just a few public parks in the place, visitors and residents and visitors can still roam around the public green spaces in close neighborhoods. When you are in the area, commuting or, most significantly, booking a car service is very convenient since Monclair is known as a non-walkable place. Meaning there is a distance from most of the area around the place. Listed below are some of the must-go and must-do when you are in Monclair, Jacksonville, FL.

  • The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens
  • Catty Shack Ranch
  • Little Talbot Island
  • St. Johns Town Center
  • Beaches Town Center
  • MOSH (Museum of Science and History)
  • Friendship Fountain
  • The Florida Theatre

These are just a few of what Monclair, Jacksonville, Fl can showcase that will make you fall in love with the place. 

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