Primary payment method on Master Livery Service CORP is the credit card payment gateway by Braintree Payments, We use and Paypal as the alternative payment method.
Braintree Payments, and Paypal are highly secure payment modules and are trusted mode of payment of a majority of American companies.

We require a 25 percent deposit at time of booking that becomes non-refundable 48 hours prior to contract start time.
The service fee is automatically calculated based on Miles / Hours of use. Toll tax, 20 percents for tips, Night Charge and Holiday surcharge are added up to find the final quote for your service. There will be no Hidden charges.
Under certain circumstances if additional parking fee or toll taxes are encountered during the service the same should be paid in
the credit card .

Master Livery Service offers a complimentary 45 minute wait period after landing on all domestic flights and 60 minutes after landing for international flights.
Master Livery Service offers a complimentary 20 waiting period for non-aiport pick ups.
Additional minutes will be charged 3.00% per minute increments.
All stops are billed at 3.00 dollars per minute increments.
There will be a cancellation fee equaling to the proposed trip cost for all cancellation made less than 3 hours prior to scheduled pick up.

Please call Master Livery Service if you don’t immediately connect with your driver.