Found on the western part of San Fernando Valley is West Hills, Los Angeles, CA. Historically, West Hills was initially part of Owensmouth, founded in 1912, and was renamed Canoga Park in 1931. It was in 1987 that West Hills, Los Angeles, CA kept its present name. Currently, the West Hills area is the home of Native Americans and many other nationalities. Though West Hills is a very small town located in the state of California, its’ home prices are not only just one of the most pricey in California but its’ real estate also usually ranks among the most expensive in America. West Hills, Los Angeles, CA is a perfect place for a family to consider, with a desirable presence of good schools, low crime and, college-educated neighbors. There are also some historic landmarks, parks, commercial buildings, and religious establishments that can be found within the town. The place really has a lot of features that make it a family-friendly place to live.

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