Master Livery Service Corp. (“Master Livery Service”) is committed to providing its customers with around the clock Worldwide chauffeur services. Apart from this, concierge service, answering services, and deliveries of special items are also part of its services. To make this possible, Master Livery Service collects certain information about you upon using our mobile applications, online products, platforms, and services (en masse, the “Services”) through other interactions and communications you mostly may have with us. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) will also be applied to information collected and used by Master Livery Service through its provision of the Services.

  1. Scope and Application

Master Livery Service puts value on its users’ privacy. This Policy outlines all the information we will likely gather and how it is being used to deliver the Services and improve its delivery to our customers. This Policy is applicable to persons anywhere in the world who use the Services to manage booking and delivery of charter-bus transportation (“Users”).

  1. Collection of Information
  1. Information You Supply to Us

We mainly collect all the information you provide directly to us, such as your location, using our mobile application. We also collect it when you create or modify your account, contact customer support, or otherwise communicate with us. This information may include the following: name, email address, profile picture, IP address, operating system, phone number, postal address services requested, service notes, and all other essential information you wish to disclose.

  1. Information We Collect Upon Using Our Services

When you use the services we provide, we, along with our suppliers and third parties with whom we work, may collect information from time to time. Through your use of the Services, along with the usage of electronic tools and similar, we may collect data from these categories:

  • Location Information: When the services are used for transportation, most likely, we will collect precise location data regarding your trip from the Master Livery Service app used by the Supplier. Upon permitting the Master Livery Service app to have access to the location services through the platform’s permission system, we may also collect the accurate location of your device while the app is running both in the foreground or background. Obtaining your approximate location from your IP address is also a possibility.
  • Contact Information: We will possibly collect your contact details to facilitate communications between you and Master Livery Service, customers who have booked trips, the owner/manager of the service, or similar.
  • Device Information: It is possible to collect information about your mobile device, which may include, for example, the phone version, the hardware model, operating system.
  • Call and SMS Data: Our Services manage communications between our Users and Suppliers. In connection with managing this service, we may receive call data, the parties’ phone numbers, and the SMS content.
  • Log Information: When you associate yourself with the Services, we may collect server logs, and this may include information such as device IP address, dates and times, app features or pages viewed, classification of the browser, and the third-party site or service being used before being linked with our Services.
  • Customer input: When you associate yourself with the Services, collecting information from the customers receiving our services is possible, including input regarding the services you have provided, such as timeliness, trip completion, rating, and so forth.
  1. Important Information About Platform Permissions


Mobile platforms nowadays have defined certain types of device data that most applications cannot access without permission. The iOS platform will notify a user the first time the Master Livery Service app wants permission to access certain data types on the device and let you permit (or not approve) that request. Android devices will send you a notification about the Master Livery Service app’s permissions before first use the app.

  1. The Data We Gather From Other Sources

We may also obtain information from different sources and integrate that with the data we gather through our Services. For example:

  • The owner/manager of the service, who probably might be your employer, may provide us with your personal identification, such as your name, employee or social security number, phone or mobile number, or any other needed data.

III. Usage of Information

The information we may gather about you will be used to:

  • Provide, maintain, and improve our Services, which may include facilitating communications between transportation service providers and their customers, providing their trip and location information, calculating and displaying estimated times of arrival, developing significant new features, providing sufficient customer support, develop safety features, authenticate users;
  • Performing internal operations, which may include preventing fraud and abuse of our Services; troubleshooting software bugs and other possible operational problems; conducting data research and analysis; and monitoring usage as well as activity trends;
  • Send you communications in any means that we think will be of interest to you, which may include information about products, services, promotions, news, and events of Master Livery Service and other involved companies, permitted and in accordance to local laws, and to process contest or other promotional entries and fulfill any related awards; and
  • Be able to personalize and improve the said Services, which may include providing or recommending features, generate content, social connections, and advertisements. A portion of the data gathered under this Policy could be stored at and managed by a third-party processor(s), such as a payment-processing center. Master Livery Service is currently using STRIPE and SQUARE to be able to process credit card transactions. You also agree to be bounded by STRIPE and SQUARE’s Terms & Conditions by making such transactions. You can find STRIPE and SQUARE’s Privacy Policy at  and Possibility of transferring the information described in this Policy to the United States and other countries, wherein some of which may have lower protective data protection laws than the area you reside in. All personal information we gather from you is stored on secure servers. We use reasonable administrative measures to keep personal information against loss, theft, unauthorized use, disclosure, or modification; and guarantee the uprightness of the said personal information. Even with our best efforts and those of our Suppliers to protect your data, the non-disclosure of any communication or relevant materials transmitted to or from us cannot be guaranteed. Accordingly, neither Master Livery Service nor its Suppliers are responsible for the security of transmission of information.

  1. Information Sharing

Sharing of the information we collect about you is possible as what is described in this Policy or during the time of sharing or collecting, may include the following:

  1. By Our Services

We may impart your data:

  • With Vendor or Affiliate, specifically with those with affiliated websites, platforms, applications, services, and/or portals under the common ownership or control of Master Livery Service, enabling them to provide the Services that you may need or request. For instance, we may possibly share your name, contact details, email address, the passenger’s pick-up and/or drop-off locations, travel dates, and all other important data information with Vendor or Affiliate;
  • With a third party, such as sharing your ETA (estimated time of arrival)
  • With third parties who will or may provide you the services, you requested through a partnership or promotional offering made either by us or the third party.
  • With third parties who you choose to allow us to share information, for instance, other apps or websites that are incorporated with our API or Services, and;
  • With unaffiliated third parties once we see disclosure is necessary or fit to: (a) complying or in response to a subpoena, requests from the government, and/or other legal processes; (b) disclose relevant documents or data in connection with, mediation, investigations, and/or other court or administrative proceedings; (c) protecting the interests, rights, safety, or property of Master Livery Service; (d) impose our Terms and Conditions should it be needed; (e) provide you and other users with the necessary Services you and the other users may request, performing different activities related to offered services and products such as billing and collection; (f) provide you with special offers or promotions from Master Livery Service and its Suppliers that may be of interest to you; and/or (g) operate Master Livery Service’s and its Suppliers’ systems properly.
  1. Other Important Sharing

We may share your information:

  • With the affiliated entities of Master Livery Service that are set to provide services or oversee data processing on our behalf.
  • With vendors, partners in marketing, and other providers of service who may need to access such data to do the work on our place;
  • To respond to a competent authority’s request for information if we see disclosure is fit and in need, or if it is required for any legal process;
  • With officials or law enforcers, authorities from the government, or other members of third parties once we see your actions are not in accordance with our Terms of Service, policies, or if we need to protect the rights, property, or safety of Master Livery Service;
  • Should there be negotiations of any merger, sale of company assets, any types of financing, or acquisition of our business into another company;
  • Once we notify you and you, not limited ways, consented to share; and
  • In an accumulated and/or anonymous form that cannot, for any reason, be used to recognize you.
  1. Third-Party Provided Analytics and Advertising Services 

In some instances, our audience measurement and analytics services may be provided by others, serving advertisements on behalf of us across the Internet and any other social platforms and to generate reports on the advertisements’’ performance. They may use cookies and other forms of technologies to specifically identify your device the moment you make use of our Services, as well as during your visit to other sites and services online. Please refer to Section V for more information regarding these services.

  1. User’s Preferences
  1. User’s Account

You may ask to correct your account information at any time by contacting Master Livery Service at [email protected]. While Master Livery Service will do its best to make efforts in accommodating your requests, we also withhold the rights to practice specific restrictions and exceptions for such claims, most especially if it is allowed or required by relevant laws. Please take note that there are some cases that we may hold onto crucial information about the user as per required by law or for whatever lawful business purposes so long as it will be permitted by law. For example, if you have an existing credit on your current account or see that fraud and, we may seek to resolve the issue before deleting your information.

  1. Access Rights

Master Livery Service will make sure to observe the individual’s requests when it comes to access, data correction, and/or the deletion of the personal data stored in the system in accordance with the law. Should you not wish to provide us all the personal data we have described in this said Policy, or if, for any reasons, intercept us in collecting and storing necessary information in line with the stated Policy, you will be unqualified to make use of the said Services. You could opt-out of specific provisions of this Privacy Policy by submitting a request in writing to [email protected]. Please do keep in mind that this process may take a certain period of time to complete, depending on the request bulk and laws applicable. To give us assistance with how the uses were expressed through this Privacy Policy, we may amalgamate specific data regarding your usage of the Services that includes personal data about you coming from other sources both online or offline. Should you prefer that we not combine such information, please contact us at [email protected].

  1. Information on Location

Permission to access your precise location information through your device will be requested using your mobile’s OS (operating system). If you grant permission to collect this information, you can disable it later by making some changes in your mobile device’s location settings. However, your ability to use certain features of our Services will be limited. In addition to this, disabling our app’s collection of precise location information from your mobile device will not put limit on our ability to collect your trip location’s information from a Supplier’s device. We will still have the ability to derive approximate location from your IP address. Please note that failure to provide location information may be in breach of our employment/contract obligations.

  1. User’s Contact Information

We may also request permission to sync your contact information from your mobile device as per the permission system being used by your mobile’s operating system.

  1. User’s California Privacy Rights

For all California residents, the California Civil Code Section 1798.83 gives you the privilege to request specific information concerning the disclosure of any of your data to third party institutions for marketing intentions, be vouchsafed. To be able to obtain such information, please email your request to [email protected] .

  1. Cookies and Other Identification Technologies
  1. The Overview

“Cookies” are text files with small data stored on your device’s browser or websites, applications, advertisements, and online media. Cookies served by the institution that operates the domain you are mainly visiting are simply known as “first-party cookies.” Cookies that are served by companies not operating the main domain you are visiting are known as “third-party cookies.” Some of these cookies are what they call “persistent cookies,” which means that they are still up and running even after the browser you are using is closed. “Local storage” pertains mainly to other sites on a browser or device where information can be stored.

  1. The Classification of Cookies We Use

We may possibly have different types of cookies to provide the Services, such as outlined below:

  • Authentication Cookies – These cookies tell us when you are logged in to exhibit the relevant experience and feature your trip history, account information, and edit the settings of your account.
  • Security and Site Integrity Cookies – These cookies support or enable security features to keep Master Livery Service secured. They allow us to recognize when you are logging into a secure area of the Services. This will also help protect your account from being accessed by anyone other than you.
  • Localization – these help Master Livery Service to provide a localized experience for its users. Take for instance; we may possibly store data in a cookie placed on your browser so you can check the site displayed using your preferred language.
  • Features of Sites and Services – These provide distinct features that significantly helps us to deliver our products and Services. For instance, cookies can help you logging in by filling in advance the needed fields. We may also use cookies and other similar technologies to assist us in providing you and the other users with quality social plugins and other customized content, like generating suggestions for you and the other users.
  • Analytics and Research – these are used to understand, improve, and research products and Services, including when you access the Master Livery Service website and some other relevant websites and apps accessed from your computer or personal mobile device. For example, the possibility of using cookies to understand how the site’s features are being used and dividing possible users for feature testing. Our third-party partners and we may use this information and technologies that we receive to make improvements and understand more about how you use the websites, applications, ads, and services.
  • Advertising-these are used to deliver significant ads and track the performance and efficiency of ad campaigns. For instance, we, along with our ad partners, may depend on gathered information through these cookies to display the ads that may catch your interest. Correspondingly, a cookie may be used by our third-party partners, services, or any other related technology to know whether an ad was already served and if it performed to provide us with accurate information about how you need to interact with them. To earn more details on an interest-based advertisement, or to choose having your web-browsing information be used for significant behavioural advertising purposes, please feel free to visit if you are in the United States.
  1. The User’s Options

You, as a user, have every option to accept the cookies or not. However, please also bear in mind that they are a significant part for our Services to work correctly. Hence, you should be adequately informed that if you opt to disregard the cookies, the Services’ functionality and availability will be affected. The majority of the web browsers are set up to accept cookies in a default manner. Should you wish, you can opt to reject or remove browser cookies in your browser. For you to do so, carefully follow the given instructions by your browser which are most of the time located within the “Preferences” or “Help” menu. Some third parties may also provide the capacity to disregard their cookies directly by clicking on a link. Rejecting or removing browser cookies does not mean that it can directly affect third-party flash cookies, which will be possibly used by us in connection with our Services.

VII. For Users Under 18 Years of Age

Master Livery Service does not store or collect personal information of any user that is not of age eighteen (18). Once you agree with our Policy, you represent our Suppliers and us that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age.

VIII. Changes With the Policy

There may be some changes with this Policy now and then. Should there be instances that we need to make significant changes with the way we make use of your data, we will provide you notice through the Services or by some other means, such as email. Your continuous use of the Services after such notice proves your consent to the changes. We highly encourage for you to constantly review the Policy for the privacy practices’ latest information.


  1. Contact Us

For any queries regarding the said Privacy Policy, please feel free to [email protected]