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Advantages and Benefits

We at Master Livery wish only the best experience for our clients. This is why you, as a loyal customer, can enjoy nice discounts and other perks that you can use not only for your business but also for your personal needs.

Sign-Up and Create an Account With us, No Signed Commitments!

Enjoy a 20% discount on your 5th trip with Master Livery, no signed commitments, just pure benefit! Discount valid within 4 months or 120 days after the first trip.

Benefits and Advantages When Creating an Account and Signing a Commitment

As our loyal customer, you can create an account and sign a commitment with Master Livery to enjoy 10-20% discounts that you can use to avail of all other services provided by Master Livery Service. This includes CONCIERGE services, CLEANING services, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, CALL CENTER/ANSWERING services, and of course, our CHAUFFEUR services. All these services are available 24/7, which you can use for your advantage, whether for personal or business purposes. You can forward all your calls after office hours, during weekends, and even on holidays when you’re not available to take calls.

But there’s MORE! Enjoy a 20% discount on your 5th trip as well, anytime and anywhere—discount valid within 6 months after the first trip.

It is always our pleasure to do business with you. That is why Master Livery Service is always here to make sure you get to experience excellent service. Let Master Livery Service accompany you in making your life more comfortable, anytime, anywhere!


We Take Care of Your Ride from Booking to Trip Completion

1. Book via phone call, email, website, or GDS
2. Confirmation email sent
3. Booking dispatched to MLS local headquarters
4. Trip assigned to a chauffeur + Call client to confirm 24 hours prior
5. Chauffeur on the way. A link will be sent to track the car
6. Arrival notification sent 15 minutes before PU time
7. Notification will be sent once the chauffeur arrived. No need to rush
8. Billing + receipt/invoice via email
9. Trip Completed!


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