Deerwood, Jacksonville, Fl is a gated community that was intended for single-family residence before. As the demand for the development of the condominiums, luxury houses, buildings, and courtyard community increases, this wealthy neighborhood in Jacksonville boost its identity in the area. With an estimate of 900 families and houses priced above $400,000, Deerwood, Jacksonville, Fl is now mostly expanded. The junction of Baymeadows Road and Southside Boulevard, near the Deerwood entrance, is one of the busiest crossroads in Jacksonville’s city. Some of the significant properties are located on the east side of the growing community known as “The Estates.” Like Monclair, Deerwood is not a walkable place; that’s why it is best to secure your ground transportation to and from Deerwood, Jacksonville, Fl. You will be astonished by its entrances that are embellished with life-size bronze bucks and does; to remind us of the time when there are more deer than people of the place.

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