It’s been a year now, and we can clearly see the immense effect of the Covid-19 pandemic in all of our lives’ aspects. From the industrial to tourism industries, there are different aftermaths experienced both by the producers and consumers. Prices have inflated tremendously, and supplies were limited.

One of the industries greatly affected by the global pandemic is the travel industry. Borders were closed, flights were canceled, and people were mandated to stay at home. Tourist spots were temporarily closed, and work from home setup was implemented in most business establishments. What will now be the future of the luxury travel industry? Shaping the luxury travel industry’s future is one of the important responses from us, luxury marketers. We have a hold of how the future will turn out for us, both for our business and our clients.

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There is a vast decline in luxury goods last 2020, and luxury experiences such as luxury hotels, cruises, and fancy restaurant dining have experienced a drastic negative impact. We are most likely the last industry to recover as their revenue depends on the tourist flow. From hospitality to private flights, every luxury service has experienced a decrease in its revenue and market. Given these facts, how can we shape the future of luxury travel?

Here are some ways that we could consider doing to help our industry make a speedy recovery:

1. Constantly update your clients.

It is so much more inconvenient to travel nowadays amidst this pandemic if it was a struggle to travel before. Customers will have second thoughts to travel because they may think they will have to go through any hassle. The best way to resolve this is to regularly update your clients and reassure them that service providers are on standby to provide for their needs and information that may be essential for them to prepare before traveling. You can always post updates on your websites, social media accounts, and even via email to keep them informed.

2. Never cut off communication.

Good communication between you and your clients is essential for keeping your customers and making your business survive during the pandemic. Aside from 24/7 customer support for inquiries and bookings, you also need to reach out to your clients to keep them updated with the changes in the global rules for travelers. This way, they will be comfortable that they are in good hands, and your constant updates will fuel their desire to visit a new travel destination.

3. Make flexible amendments for cancellation policies.

We must always look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with our clients. Hence, we always need to make sure that the company’s terms and conditions are beneficial for the clients and us. This is also one way of showing our clients that we are one with them and what they are going through. Making the cancellation policies flexible and more customer-friendly will help the clients feel at ease with your company. And if you include other services that offer contactless transactions, your company will be back to the top in no time.

4. Make sure reliable customer support is available.

You have to make sure that, even with what’s happening right now, your company must be reliable in any way. Provide customer support that can assist your clients with their inquiries, bookings, cancellations, and all other queries. Also, provide updates about the do’s and don’ts of traveling and follow up on their health needs, should they have one.

5. Establish your affiliate network.

The travel industry is a broad industry, and there are different categories of luxury travel. Building partnership with other businesses in the same sector is vital to recovering from the pandemic. Clients will be at ease if they could see that their needs are being taken care of. Partnering with businesses that can provide a client’s need for private and comfortable travel could improve customer satisfaction. They never have to go through the hassle of booking separate arrangements for accommodation and transportation, overall doing contactless transactions throughout the trip as all are arranged for them ahead of time.

The recovery time may still be uncertain, and the global pandemic may have brought upon different levels of negative effects to our industry. But with optimism and determination, we can shape the future of luxury travel and provide our clients with the best private travel experience they deserve.

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