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Can I Book 2 Lime Limos at Once – Things You Need to Know

When booking your first limo, you may wonder if you can book two Lime Limos at once. The short answer is yes. However, there are a few things you should consider before doing so. Keep reading to learn more about how booking multiple cars at once works and what it takes to ensure everything goes smoothly when you have multiple drivers on the road.

Book 2 Lime Limos at Once – Will the second limo arrive on time?

The good news is that the second limo will arrive on time. The reason we say “will” instead of “could” or “might” is that we are confident in our ability to deliver on our promises.

We have an excellent track record for delivering what we promise, which makes us proud to say yes!

In addition to the confidence that comes with being a known quantity in your industry, there are other reasons why booking two limos at once can lead to a great experience:

  • Someone else can help plan your event – Maybe you don’t need both vehicles for yourself but would like one for transport and another for entertainment purposes (e.g., having one car full of people dancing all night long). With our fleet available 24/7/365, anyone can reserve an extra limo with just a few clicks from home or the office! If their friends aren’t non-disabled enough, or maybe they’re too busy taking care of kids while their spouse is away at work—this could still be an option!
  • What if someone has special needs? This isn’t limited just because someone’s mobility may be limited either; maybe they’re shy around strangers, so having one driver per party could make things easier for everyone involved! That way, everyone gets personalized attention throughout their ride without feeling overwhelmed by strangers invading personal space.”

Yes, you can book 2 Limos at once

Yes, you can book 2 Limos at once. When you’re looking to book a limo, there are several things that you have to take into consideration. Do you need it for an hour? For the weekend? If so, how many people will be using it, and where do they need to go?

If you’re wondering whether or not an option is available, don’t worry! The company allows customers to book two limos at once to ensure that everyone who needs transportation gets what they want when traveling with the company.

Will My Second Driver Know Where to Go?

Yes, they do. The second driver will know where to go. You can meet with both drivers at the pickup location to give them directions or confirm their destination.

If you have a large group of people who need to be transported from one place to another, it’s best if each individual in the group has their transportation so that they aren’t waiting around for others during their trip. This way, everyone gets where they need to go on time (and safely).

Can I Book a Second Limo for Someone Else?

Yes, you can book a second limo for someone else. You need to enter the information for your friend or family member and pay for their portion of the trip.

You can also book a second Luxury limo if you want to go on a different date than your friends or family members. Make sure everyone knows their respective pickup times and locations before you do this!

Factors before getting a car

Consider all these factors before getting a car if you’re booking one or two limos.

  • The number of passengers and luggage: Will there be more than four people at your party? How much baggage do they have? Will the driver fit everyone and all their stuff into his vehicle comfortably?
  • Distance between locations: Is the distance between your two destinations short enough that it makes sense for both cars to pick up at once—or should you schedule them separately so that each can drive straight there without stopping along the way?
  • Wait times for the second limo: How long will it take for your first limo to arrive at its destination before being picked up by its second vehicle—and how long until this second car arrives at its destination afterward (and vice versa)?


Once you’ve booked your limo, remember to add the second driver and coordinate with him. Give him all the details so he can arrive on time and be prepared for his passengers! Read also for Gullwing Door Limo