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Luxury Limo and Black Car Service in Fresno, CA

Fresno, California is a developed and advanced urban center. It has a 430,000 diverse population and indeed a getaway destination, especially if you want an ultimate break from your work. Fresno also has a collection of Art Deco buildings and other unique historic structures. 

Fresno, CA, is located along Highway 99 in central California, 220 miles north of Los Angeles and 190 miles southeast of San Francisco. This remarkable city is also known for the number of establishments, growth, and industries. This became the primary source of agriculture in the state, and it is indeed a great success. 

Absolutely Fresno, California is an ideal place to travel, especially in the famous parks you will surely love!

Famous Places You Can Visit in Fresno, California

1. Forestiere Underground Gardens– Tour and visit Fresno’s best secret; Forestiere Underground Gardens. Take a break and walk the nature of the historic site. Be amazed by the hand-built network of courtyards, underground rooms, and passageways with nostalgic ancient catacombs.

2. Fresno Chaffee Zoo– This place is an inspiration to engage in conservation and preserve the natural environment. It also has an engaging learning environment that is perfect for a family getaway! Fresno Chaffee Zoo has approximately 125 species, including their new sea lion and many more. Visit now and experience the wild adventure that is undoubtedly unforgettable.

3. Woodward Regional Park– A public park and the largest park in the Fresno area. This park hosted the Woodward Shakespeare Festival that made it more famous! It also features the Shinzen Garden. Don’t forget to visit Woodward Regional Park and make it one of your trips to Fresno, California. 

4. Shinzen Japanese Garden– It is an alluring traditional northwestern American Japanese Garden. The garden was designed with the four seasons, summer, spring, fall, and winter. The beauty of this garden, composure, and elegance of Japanese design has existed. This place will surely take you in a peaceful mind, bring you fresh, natural air, and the garden’s cultural heritage center.

5. Blossom Trail– Explore this driving loop with beautiful flowers in the spring and fruit during summertime. Drivers and bicyclists will surely love the flowery glory in this place. You have to check the updates to capture the perfect Blossom Trail’s best petal-viewing. 

6. Meux Home Museum– This museum was the home of the Civil War-era surgeon. You can tour within 45 minutes to 1 hour, and it also depends on your pace. You will surely see and love the best in artwork, architecture, and more from the Victorian Age.

7. Discovery Center-It is a science center where guests can explore, create, and discover that suits of all ages. The activities are needed active participation to make sure the education and fun for the entire family. 

8. Island Waterpark– It is well-known to be the best waterpark in the Central Valley. Perfect water slides are available, which is ideal for your family! Be entertained and have fun with Island Waterpark.

9. St. John’s Cathedral– It is located in Downtown Fresno with a beautiful interior and elegant towers. This place is perfect for weddings and even funerals. Visit now and be in awe of its undeniable beauty.

10. Fresno Art Museum– Appreciate the exhibition and visual arts with world cultures. This museum aims to educate the visitors about the community’s diversity with the relevant work in our community.

Experience the Luxury Limo and Black Car Service with Master Livery Service

Many people think that traveling is a stressful activity, especially when it comes to transportation. You tend to get confused about what car service is suitable for your needs and standards, but Master Livery Service is undoubtedly perfect for you! It is far from other services that offer transportation since Master Livery Service provides the customers’ most outstanding services. It has professional and punctual chauffeurs who are always 20 minutes early to prevent any problem or delay. They also offer different types of luxury cars like Luxury Black Car Sedan, High-End SUV, and Luxury Vans. Customers will definitely enjoy the whole duration of the trip, and it will be memorable!

Benefits of Master Livery Service

The cars are sanitized repeatedly to ensure their cleanliness and, most significantly, the customers’ safety. Their professional chauffeurs are also professionally trained to transport passengers with security and care. These are some benefits of hiring Master Livery Service with professional chauffeurs:

•Reduces the frustration and stress of driving

•You can relax and be comfortable while traveling

•If you have works to finish, you can absolutely do it as you travel

•Chauffeur is always early, so you won’t be late

•You will indeed have professional service with the professional and friendly chauffeur

•You can also travel at night without worrying anything

Book online, and you will save 15% off. So what are you waiting for? Book now with the best Master Livery Service and enjoy their excellent services! 


Travel confidently in sanitized vehicles driven by professionals chauffeurs.


Travel confidently in sanitized vehicles driven by professionals chauffeurs.


Travel confidently in sanitized vehicles driven by professionals chauffeurs.

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Traveling to and from the airport is not a problem when you book a trip with Master Livery Service. We do not only take care of your transportation needs, but we also provide our services with the utmost comfort and luxury that you deserve.


Looking for an executive car service that focuses on service, safety, and discretion, consider Master Livery. Sit back, relax, and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day holds.


Master Livery as an hourly service under your direction, allows you to get from place to place with an experienced, courteous driver with insider knowledge of local roads.


No matter how challenging your schedule, we manage the most complex itineraries and events. Our chauffeurs are experts at handling amendments to the schedule whilst on the road.


Transferring from point A to point B is never a problem. Master Livery Service aims to provide point to point transfers safely and comfortably.


Get the finest chauffeur service for long-distance journey experience comfort, luxury, and style in cars that are made for a long drive chauffeur service


Our executive chauffeurs know how to handle VIP clients and are familiar with the protocols they need to follow. Apart from this, they know the safest and fastest route to/from commercial or private airports.


Make special occasions more memorable with Master Livery. Our stretch limousines driven by our well-trained chauffeurs will take you to your celebration venue on time and with class.


Enjoy a relaxing weekend by booking a sightseeing tour. Where you get a guided tour around famous spots while riding a luxurious black car with a chauffeur.


All our vehicles loaded with all basic amenities such as 4G Wifi, bottled water, daily newspaper, napkins, face masks, and hand sanitizer

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